Tartu Maraton

Club Tartu Marathon is the organizer of different big sporting event in Estonia. You can read more about these from their web page www.tartumaraton.ee


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45. Tartu Maraton

6. Tartu Linnamaraton

6th Tartu City Marathon

11. Tartu Rulluisumaraton

11th Tartu Inline skating marathon.

44. Tartu Maraton

A brief photo summary of 44th Tartu Marathon.

5. Tartu Linnamaraton

5th Tartu City Marathon

4. Tartu Linnamaraton

Tartu City Marathon

18. Tartu Rattamaraton

Tartu Rattamaraton is the biggest mountain bike marathon in the Baltics and third biggest in the world

9. Tartu Rulluisumaraton

Tartu Rulluisumaraton is the biggest inline skating marathon in the Baltic States and in Scandinavia.

34. Tartu Rattaralli

Tartu Rattaralli is a road cycling event.

Tour of Estonia 2015

Tour of Estonia belongs to the UCI calendar of tours.

33. Tartu Jooksumaraton

Tartu Jooksumaraton is a running competition from Otepää to Elva. Tartu Jooksumaraton viib jooksjad Otepäält Elvasse.

43. Tartu Maraton

Cross-country skiing marathon